"Approximately 90% of nonverbal children with no vocal imitation skills at the beginning of treatment are able to imitate some sounds or word approximations after a few VBT sessions."

"VBT has helped nonverbal children with autism to acquire speech rapidly, increase attention to task, and improve social and cognitive skills."

"Because target selection initially is child-directed and the presentation is fun and engaging, VBT is now being used in preliminary studies with infants and toddlers at risk for autism to prevent or decrease symptoms."

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   Verbal Behavior Therapy (VBT)

Verbal Behavior Therapy is an approach that utilizes ABA principles to rapidly teach speech to nonverbal children.  Later, the focus shifts to acquisition of receptive language, cognitive, academic and social skills with instruction provided in activity contexts as much as possible, rather than only in a discreet trial format.  

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